Matt Mc Dermott and MoreThanSEO.com has helped over 300 individuals and businesses around the country with various aspects of internet marketing.  The business categories include:

  • Small businesses in several geographic regions in the United States
    • professional service businesses (lawyers, accountants, investments, etc.)
    • home improvement businesses
    • trade services (auto repair, plumbing, concrete, etc.)
    • health services (chiropractors, etc.)
    • real estate (residential, ranches, etc.)
  • Pro sports teams and professional athletes
  • Other SEO agencies
  • Businesses which sell information products across the world
  • Product-based businesses
  • Several other business categories

You are welcome to contact us with your questions about how we can help your business improve in three primary areas:

  1. Exposure to prospective customers and clients who have never heard of you previously
  2. Helping your current customers and clients learn more about your other services & products
  3. Giving your current customers and clients reason to share your information with their friends, family members and their online spheres of influence

Thank you and we look forward to talking with you soon.