SEO For Agencies

A marketing, advertising or online media agency representing large clients often are under the obligation to give their clients maximum exposure to first-time customers (or clients) or those who have not used the company’s products or services for a long time.  One such way is to help the clients their websites on top of the search engines.  While this is terrific, it may not be enough to help the clients ultimately get what they want:  more first-time customers or clients who are not already on their contact lists or social media pages.

Here are several things for any agency to consider when a client wants to “rank on the top of the search engines”:

  • SEO, by its nature, is a game of “leap frog”.  By being able to help the client outrank the current website at the top position, it is probable that one day someone may leap frog your client.  Many clients think that once they reach the # 1 position that they will stay there indefinitely.  This, obviously, is a myth and needs to be explained at the outset in order to manage expectations
  • The search engines, especially Google, are forever changing their algorithms to give THEIR users maximum experience.  Remember that each major search engine is, or is a part of, a publicly-traded company… and they have to make quarterly revenue figures!  They do this by taking “market share” away from other web properties so that the new fan of the search engine, ultimately, will one day start clicking the ads which generate revenues for the search engine.  This means that the client must provide enough dollars AND help to the agency (content, tips, images, videos, etc.) which give the agency and any SEO outsourcing firm it uses the tools needed to keep the search engine’s users happy
  • You must spend the time up front to choose the RIGHT keyword phrases!!  This means really getting inside the heads of the prospective customers & clients to figure out what they type into the engines, in some respectable quantity each month; and then you need to know the phrases which are indicative of a searcher who is close to taking action today.  While it is great to rank for a generic phrase like “weight loss pills”, it also helps your client to rank for a phrase such as “weight loss pills free shipping” as it is indicative of someone looking to buy today.  Obviously, an agency’s clients need to experience a ROI as quickly as possible so helping them get new customers and clients as soon as possible makes sense
  • There are other factors such as helping the agency’s clients with their on-page SEO factors.  These include giving the search engines more confidence to promote your clients at the top of the page.  Such factors include having the keyword on the page (but not too frequently!), page loading speed, lowering the “bounce rate”, making sure that all links work properly, all page redirects are in order, there is a visible sitemap, there is a privacy policy and terms of service and/or disclaimer which is unique to the client, etc.
  • Would the client be happy seeing something other than their website rank at the top?  For example, if the client sees his/her company’s LinkedIn page rank # 1 – while the website ranks # 8 – for the targeted keyword phrase would this be satisfactory to the client?  If not, what about optimized videos or a Chamber of Commerce directory listing or the client’s BBB page?  The reason why this discussion is needed with the client up front is that the search engines – to keep their users happy – are to favor websites which already have built-in “authority”.  All things being equal, the search engine’s end user would not have a problem (thus, preventing “defection” to another search engine and clicking on THEIR ads) if he/she sees legitimate and recognized authority sites ranking near the top for their desired phrases.  By promoting such pages which mention your client, it is possible to see those pages skyrocket faster because:
    • most of those properties have tons of quality links pointing to them
    • are mobile-friendly
    • have good page-loading times
    • tend to have lower “bounce rates”
    • etc.

All of this is a lot to consider rather than just promising a client that an agency will “rank his/her website at the top of the search engines”.  By taking the time to address these issues, both sides can have realistic expectations and then craft intelligent strategies to go after those goals.  Doing so, ultimately, should keep the client happy because everything is being done to help the client get more customers or clients through the search engines.

If you represent an agency and would like any help with your clients then you are encouraged to contact me.   Additionally, here are some of the possible link building services for agencies which might interest you.