Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips Podcast

The other day I was invited by JenningsWire/ to be the guest on a podcast.  I was asked these kinds of questions regarding the recent Google update and what kind of Google Penguin update recovery tips may be useful to help businesses (both local and national) improve their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts:

  • Google had its Penguin 2.1 update in the beginning of October. What took place?
  • Why is link building still important? Shouldn’t people just be focused on social media now?
  • Some SEO professionals recommend to their clients that they build links in “tiers”. Why do you think this is the case?
  • What else is missing from most companies’ SEO efforts?
  • Researching keywords has changed recently as well. What recommendations do you offer that are unique and not commonly suggested?

You can listen to the podcast here or click the image below:



The audio content is roughly 10 minutes long.  One of the topics we covered is about using intelligent link building in the upcoming months.  Click this link for more information to read a recent article about which types of links to consider for your new link building efforts.

Internet Marketing Podcast You Can Download

Here is an interview I did with Denai Vaughn a few weeks ago.  It helps explain the bigger picture of internet marketing and what flexibility you have in terms of promoting your business:

It will cover several topics related to internet marketing, a few subtle techniques to give you more exposure, and information on what you can do to improve your odds of succeeding in your niche.  As with the title of this website, you will learn why internet marketing is much more than SEO.
Should you want assistance on your internet marketing business then you are welcome to contact me through the “Contact” link at the top of the page.  Thank you, and please share/forward the interview (either the link, this post, or a downloaded MP3 file of the itnerview) with those whom you believe would enjoy the information.