Public Relations And Crisis Communications For Small Businesses

I often get asked how to announce new products, services, locations, and other “awareness” type of online marketing questions.  While Facebook and Twitter are good starts, they are nowhere near the complete picture, especially if you are looking for long-lasting links to your website and other web properties.  Knowing how to leverage online public relations is a smart way to build your business and awareness of any new benefits to your prospective and current customers.

In addition, I often get asked about what to do if something goes wrong and public perception swings against the business.  I will cover online reputation management for small businesses in greater detail elsewhere on this site, but crisis communications management is something every small business executive should understand, even if only minimally.

This link will take you to a short report (under 10 pages) helping you on both topics, and it is free to download with no need to give your e-mail address or join a social network page.  If you like it then you are free to distribute the report (or link) to anyone you wish: