Link Building Services For Marketing And Advertising Agencies

Link Building Services For Marketing And Advertising Agencies

Do you represent an advertising, marketing, search engine marketing or other type of agency which handles various aspects of online marketing for clients?  If so, chances are that you may need some help on the fulfillment of your link building in order to free up your time to:

  • get new clients
  • properly service your current clients
  • organize your reporting to your current clients
  • not have to continuously study the latest algorithm changes

If this describes you then MoreThanSEO has several services which have the potential to help you.  These range from being able to get your “bread and butter” agency link building services, done in white hat and tiered format, all the way to being able to generate high-authority “power links”.  The latter could assist your clients in getting both benefit in the search engines as well as direct traffic which bypasses the search engines.

Here are those services:

1)   High-PR private blog network (not open to the general public)

– Each main domain has at least a PR 4, passing the “fake” PR analyzers
– Is unique in terms of the combination of site design, plugins, RSS feed syndication, and other website-specific footprints
– Is on a separate class-C IP address, and some on different class-A addresses
– Your anchor text will be no more than 30% of the target keyword.  The remaining 70% get split between synonyms, derivations of the main target keyword, generic (“click here” and “visit this page”), and your client’s brand name & products/services
– Not open to the general public

2)  Aged PR private blog network (not open to the general public)

– Root domains are at least 6 years old and continuously registered to same registrant with no interruptions
– PR ranges from 0 to 3
– Everything else is the same as above

3)  White Hat Tiered Linking

–  Unique article will be used for Tier 1 links
–  Unique article (spun) will be posted on only on Web 2.0 and article directories which have home page PR 2 (or higher)
–  Unique article # 2 will be posted on Web 2.0 and article directories of PR 0-1 for Tier 2 links
–  Tier 3 links will be wiki, social bookmark, PR1+ blog comments (not necessarily relevant, but no adult/pharma)
–  Tier 3 links will be indexed by Linklicious, RSS submission or Scrapebox pinging

4)  Specialty Links

If you are looking for specialty types of links, such as comments on a relevant blog post with internal PR of 2 or higher, then please contact me for your specific needs. Such an example could be needing a comment on a:

– Relevant blog (e.g. city-specific)
– Blog is NOT WordPress-based
– DoFollow
– PR 2+ (passing the “fake” PR analysis)
– Has the keyword in the name field (or not, depending on your preferences)
– Links to a relevant inner page on your client’s website or one of your client’s high-converting Tier 1 properties

5)  “Conservative” Link Building

Apply any of the above services but instead sending the traffic to one of your client’s alternate, high-converting web properties.  Examples could range from your client’s:
– LinkedIn page
– Facebook page
– Favorable article on a local TV station, radio station, or newspaper website
– Local business directory page (citation) which has lots of favorable reviews & testimonials
– Etc.

This should help alleviate your client’s concerns about recent algorithm updates as the links will be used to promote their pages on websites which have the ability to “absorb” lots of inbound links without much concern.  Also, the pages you would be promoting already will be favorites in the search engines.

6)  Complementary Services

If you are having some challenges keeping a specific client happy then we offer a few additional services which may help you reestablish your position that you are the best long-term solution for the client:

– Advanced keyword research, especially those oriented toward problem/solution searchers
– Converting a helpful article, which is getting minimal exposure, into a helpful hand-sketch video or other video
– RSS syndication so that future blog posts get more exposure plus enhance the “passive” link building
– Website analysis including more advanced metrics such as page loading time, W3C compliance, bounce rate analysis and more

All of the services which require articles will pass the following standards before any link building starts:

  • Unique article which is actually researched and approved by you before using
  • At least 450 words, usually higher
  • Can embed currently-existing online videos in some of the services, and some permit alternating
  • When content needs to be spun, it will be done manually to at least 70% and will be readable in all versions.  Spins will be done at the sentence level rather than at the word level
  • When posting in volume, private proxies will be used

Please contact me with your specific needs.  I look forward to talking with you soon.