Dallas AdWords Consultant – What You Can Expect

If you represent a business in the Dallas Fort Worth area, or any major U.S. city, then you may have considered using online paid advertising to reach prospective customers or clients.  Many businesses like the choice of Google AdWords because it offers them flexibility in three ways:

  • advertising on the Google Search Network (Google search engine results pages)
  • advertising on the Google Display Network (showing up on relevant websites and blogs/forums which permit Google to run ads)
  • advertising within YouTube, including targeting specific phrases or even specific competitors

Regarding using the Google Search Network, which is the one most commonly used by businesses looking to reach out to those directly searching for their products and services, you may not be familiar with all of advanced options within your account.  While the natural tendency is to say “skip it”, neglecting these could cause two issues:

  • your ads do not get enough exposure due to issues like your ad’s “Quality Score” or other concerns
  • you may be paying more per click than you should be

If you are considering a consultant to help you with your online pay per click (PPC) strategy, especially if you use AdWords, then here are some of the topics which should be analyzed within your account:

* Reviewing account settings and coordination with other Google services such as Webmaster Tools, Analytics, YouTube (if so desired), etc.

* Campaign settings analysis which includes narrowing campaigns to one device, whether or not optimized for clicks, percentage of ad scheduling, ad rotation, combining display with search network, etc.

* Ad Group analysis which includes multiple ads for split testing, limiting keywords per ad group, etc.

* Keyword analysis which includes percentage of broad match vs. phrase/exact match, adding/editing negative keywords, Quality Score analysis, problem status keywords, etc.

* Ad management analysis which includes:  Disapproved Ads management, altering display URL if needed, campaigns having ads with ad extensions, punctuation on the headling (e.g. “?”), etc.

* Ad copy analysis which includes call to action, any scarcity/urgency/intrigue, keyword in the ad

If your business spends $5000 a month or more on the Google AdWords Search Network, then it is possible that your consultant can help you get more clicks for the same ad spend each month; or you may be able to get the same number of targeted clicks while trimming 5% or more from your monthly ad spend.  Sometimes the percentage savings can be even greater if your consultant discovers wasted money on clicks which are not relevant or are poorly performing due to the page where the prospects are being sent.

As a side benefit, enhancing your pages where paid traffic is being sent also has the potential to improve your SEO efforts in the other search engines.

If you spend a respectable amount each month in AdWords, and you would like assistance to enhance your ROI, then you are welcome to contact us with your questions.