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Helping You When You Are Ready To Buy PR5 Backlinks

If you understand the need to gain more high authority backlinks to your desired web properties, along with the desired keywords, then chances are that you know about acquiring links on the actual pages.  One terrific way to do so is to get your backlinks, with either specific keywords for the anchor text or with a brand name for the anchor text, on sites with high PageRank (PR).  Such pages are one way to determine if a particular web page, able to be crawled by the search engines’ robots/spiders, has authority to help you boost your presence for the desired keyword.

Please remember two basic things:

  1. There is much more to ranking high in the search engines than just getting links on pages with high PR.  There are factors such as on-page optimization, user return rate, low bounce rates, page load speed times, and much more.
  2. Ideally, the sites which have the high PR also have relevance to your intended keyword and the web page (home page or other page) being promoted

Once you understand the need to give the end visitor a quality experience, and links from web pages (or blog posts) with relevance, then will your efforts to buy high PageRank backlinks be worthwhile.  Otherwise you may get the rankings you desire, but they will be on “shaky ground” – and risk dropping positions on the SERP’s at the next update.

If you would like more information on PageRank then here is some more information.

The price when you are looking to buy PR5 backlinks is likely to vary, and vary widely!  You may ask yourself why this is the case.  The reason is that not all PR5 backlinks (or any links on pages with PR) are not equal… even if the PR is the same.

When looking to buy PR5 links there are additional factors to consider such as:

  • is the PR real or “faked”?
  • is the link going to be placed on the page with the actual (real/non-fake) PR?
  • how many outbound links are on the page where the links are appearing?
  • will the link be in the content or on the sidebar, footer or elsewhere?
  • does the link appear in one location or “site wide” such as on the sidebar?
  • does the particular website have a TOS, Privacy Policy, and/or Disclaimer as well as some form of sitemap?
  • What about the main domain’s (as well as the actual page for your PR5 link) other “authority scores” such as:
    • Majestic SEO Trust Flow and Citation Flow?
    • AHREFS URL Rank?
    • SEO MozRank?
    • Other “scores” like SEMRush and others?
  • Will you be able to place a little bit of unique contextual content around your link?
  • Will you be able to have your own blog post where you can add the link?
  • If you are able to create your own blog post, can you add optimized images, infographic images, or even embed relevant video(s)?
  • Will you have exclusivity on the particular page with PR5, or are you going to share that page with other businesses wanting to take advantage of the authority?
    • If the latter, can you get assurances that your competitors won’t be able to appear on the same page, especially with better content?
  • Will the page on which your PR5 backlink appear get any additional quality backlinks to promote that page, or is it going to be a “standalone” page with no additional promotion?

As you can see, these – and other – factors go into the reasons why prices varies so widely when you are looking to buy PR5 backlinks.  Please contact us with your needs and budget so that we can help you get your desired keyword/anchor text link on relevant, high-authority pages which offer the end user value…. and still stay within your budget!