Buy Relevant Backlinks

Thoughts For When You Want To Buy Relevant Backlinks

If you are looking to buy relevant backlinks there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to promote a specific page on your website (home page or inner page)?
  • Do you want to promote one of your social media profiles or pages on an authority business directory?
  • Are you looking purely for SEO benefit?  Or are you simultaneously looking for traffic plus search engine benefit?
  • Do you own the rights to use multimedia such as images or videos?  These can be your own or purchased stock photo and stock video rights.
  • Have you done competition analysis, all the way down to those links from which your competitors are deriving the most benefit?  Often these are the links you least likely suspect will be providing great benefit!
  • Have you done a check for any “negative SEO” attacks on your website?  If there are, have you done any link cleanup or disavowing actions?
  • Is your site compliant with basic web standards and loads pages quickly &  properly?
  • Do you have basic website elements which are now needed for SEO rankings including a visible sitemap, robots.txt file, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc?

If you have not answered thoroughly answered any of the above questions then please contact us to help you get brought up to speed.

Once you have answers to the above questions we now can discuss why you will want to buy relevant backlinks.  The “relevance” is key as it can range from any of the following:

  • comments on blogs, forums, and other hyper-targeted relevant web properties on which you can participate which also allow a link back to your desired page
  • press releases which allow links and are targeted to an appropriate industry category and/or geographic region
  • purchasing expired domains (or domains about to expire) which have built-in authority that have relevant backlinks pointing to the domain and/or has relevance in the actual domain name
  • creating a private blog network which is constructed properly (e.g. unique content, relevant images, etc.) on sites which have quality authority (Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Trust, Moz Rank, PageRank, etc.)
  • purchasing links on relevant YouTube videos and channels with lots of recent traffic and SEO exposure
  • getting links on pages where your competition is getting lots of search engine benefit
  • industry, trade assocation and other niche directory sites which are relevant to your business
  • if you are looking to rank for local keywords, getting your link on city-specific websites, regional websites, and even business association sites such as your local chamber of commerce
  • many other ways to buy relevant backlinks

We look forward to helping you with your need for authority and relevant backlinks.  Please contact us when you are ready to talk about your specific needs.