Lead Generation Websites

Lead Generation Websites For Dallas Fort Worth And Other Major Cities Across The United States


If you have a business in a major city or a suburb of a major U.S. city, where the majority of your customers come from the local area, then you likely already have a website and social media properties.  Many times, however, your phone isn’t ringing enough or you are not getting enough e-mails from people who found your website through some online means.

In other words, you are not getting enough leads!

We at MoreThanSEO.com can help you with this process AND give you two easy-to-understand benefits:

  • No one will ever touch your website, link build to your website, or do anything else to what you currently have
  • A pay-for-performance model.  No costs other than any agreed-upon hard costs (if any)

How Does This Work?

In order to help our clients over the years, we built our own websites to control some of the traffic to help our clients get more exposure.  Many of these websites currently have first page search engine rankings for targeted keywords in the Dallas Fort Worth market and in other markets around the country.

Using DFW as an example, some clients originally planned to serve the nearly 200 towns in Dallas Fort Worth.  Yes, there are nearly 200 towns within a 75 mile radius of Dallas and 75 mile radius of Fort Worth!

The realities of the business world forced them to pick only a handful of towns, so we have town-specific pages which still have first-page rankings and no client information on them.  Some of the clients also moved away from Texas or shut down their businesses, so we still have first page rankings for their originally-intended DFW communities.  These open spots are now available.

We have sites which have current first page rankings for:

  • machinery and equipment appraisers
  • Medicaid planning
  • some of the niches within the heating and cooling industry
  • commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment repair
  • headshot photographers
  • print brokers
  • childproofing home handyman services
  • commercial concrete contractors
  • selling “scrap” gold and other precious metals
  • many more industries and sub-industries

We also have the ability to generate lead-generation pages which have your phone number and e-mail address on them, and get them exposure to those looking online for your service.

How Much Does This Cost Me?

The short answer = nothing!

If we already have the current rankings in the search engines, we may need some better quality content to give the currently-ranking page increased odds that someone will call you if he/she sees the page.  We may need better quality article content, images (photos, infographics, etc.), YouTube videos, and other helpful information.  Other than that, there is no cost to you.

If you already have that content, and give us permission to use it, then there is no cost.

How Do You Make Money?

Here is how MoreThanSEO makes money once your information is present on the desired page, whichever we mutually agree is best for your specific business model and cash flow situation:

  • You can lease the page(s) from us on a monthly basis if you feel that you would be getting a quality return on investment
  • We can charge you for each phone call we track (there may be a charge for a tracking phone number)
  • We can charge you for each e-mail sent (or e-mail form completed)
  • We can charge you for each click from our website to yours
  • We can get more traffic to your tracking phone number or tracking e-mail (or form) by purchasing targeting traffic from relevant websites and specific audiences on social media.  The only costs to you would be the pass-through costs of the paid advertising and, of course, the amount we negotiate per tracked call/e-mail/click to your website
  • Some other way to track (e.g. per embedded video watched or some other method)

Will This Harm My Current “Real World” Marketing Efforts?

No.  This simply is a standalone website, or industry-specific pages for the cities and towns you want.  This also is a possible method to help you get exposure into the smaller towns which your current website and social media are not yet reaching.

Again, you get to customize the content on the page (within certain parameters).  Please remember that authentic, helpful, “value added” content likely is going to increase the odds of your getting your outcome:  getting the phone to ring!

Basically, be nice and helpful to the prospective customers and clients you want.  They, in turn, may feel the need to reciprocate and contact you.

What If I Don’t See My Industry Listed?

We have additional industries with first-page rankings that were not listed.  They are for both B2B and B2C industries.

Furthermore, we can create new lead-generation sites (or sub-pages on some of our sites) and put your content on them.  It may take some time to rank, but remember that this is a “pay as you go” model.  All we want to do is complement/supplement your current marketing efforts, and we don’t mind having a little bit of “skin in the game”.  If there are no clicks/calls/e-mails then you don’t pay anything other than any pass-through costs we agree upon ahead of time.

If a new page (or lead-generation website) takes a while to get exposure then we will continue to build awareness so that you get the leads you want.

Am I Locked Into Any Contract?


If you want to stop getting leads/exposure then simply contact us.  We will remove your contact information from the pages we discussed.

The only “locked” element is if you decide to lease a page (or website) from us then you will be obligated to pay through the end of that monthly billing period.  Once done, you will have no obligations to us.  Of course, MoreThanSEO then has the right to re-lease the page/website to someone else.

For What Businesses Does This Work?

This works for most service businesses, whether you are attempting to gain exposure to residential customers, retail customers, commercial (B2B) customers or even industrial customers.  We can test different approaches to help make your phone ring with quality leads.

Remember, we want you to be happy so that you use our web properties for a long time!


Are You Going To Represent Yourselves As Working For Us?


Our content simply will say something near the bottom like “content provided by….”  We will not represent ourselves as your employees, sales people or anything else.  If we have to add any license or regulatory information then please provide that to us and it will be added.


What If A Lead Is Bad?

We want to have a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.

If we both agree that a particular phone call or e-mail was from a solicitor or competitor (or other “bad lead”) – or if the e-mail is blank or the phone call lasts under 15 seconds – then we will back that out and not charge you.

We wouldn’t want to be charged for “bad leads” if we were in your situation either!

Will You Ever Sell My Leads To Someone Else?


Our agreements will have exclusivity for the town/business combination(s) we agree upon.  If, however, we discover that you are not serving our web property visitors well (e.g. unprofessional conduct, criminal activity with their personal data, etc.) then we reserve the right to end our relationship at that point.

Your leads, however, will not be sold to anyone else.  Our edge is that you will have the exclusivity you are seeking so that a prospective customer/client is not “bombarded” with multiple businesses contacting him/her in a matter of a few minutes.  Few people like that approach, and we won’t participate in those types of arrangements.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested, simply contact us through the e-mail form on this page.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you soon!