Live Event Marketing Consulting

If you need help with your live event marketing then you are welcome to contact us for consulting on strategies – and possible implementation – depending on your specific needs.  Some of the topics we will cover with you include:

  • who is your target audience, and who are the related/secondary audiences
  • where does your target audience spend its time online (what types of websites, forums, social media properties, etc.)
  • what and whom do they trust (any particular magazines, “gurus” in your industry, etc.)
  • how much pre-selling is needed to convince your audience to attend your live event (free or paid)
  • are there extra (ancillary) revenue streams you will be building for yourself into the event
  • what are the common objections and concerns someone might have (e.g. price, location, date/time, etc.)
  • are there any promotions or incentives to get someone to come to the event
  • what assets and help do you have to leverage to get people into the event
  • what follow-up systems do you have for attendees plus those who indicated they would come to your event but could not


To promote your live event there are at least 18 non-traditional online marketing methods, possibly many more depending on what assets you have working in your favor.  We can help you mix/match the methods to come up with a customized strategy which can help, depending on how complex (or simple!) you would like to make everything.

Many of these strategies are borrowed from the professional sports industry where drawing people to live events is the main function of every person tied to that industry.  The methods and customized strategy can help you whether you want to attract people from the local region or from a national audience.

We are based in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas region, and we can help you with the online elements of your live event marketing efforts no matter where you are based in North America.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.