Online Press Release Marketing Services

One of the most under-utilized elements in online marketing for most local companies, not just in the Dallas Fort Worth region, is the use of online press release distribution services.  Most business owners do not know the versatility in using these release distribution/syndication services; and that lack of understanding can hurt your overall profitability once you understand why they are so beneficial.

The 3 Main Areas Of Growth For A Business

Before I get into the benefits of online press releases, let’s do a quick overview of the three primary ways in which a business can grow its profits.  Yes, there are other “big picture” paths to growth; but most business owners would agree with at least these 3:

  1. Getting brand new, first-time customers or clients who have never heard about your business previously to contact you, visit your store, sign up for your newsletter, join your social media pages, or some other low-risk action for them to take.  This is where most small businesses focus their time and efforts, and there is merit to this in some situations.
  2. Increasing your revenues and profits from these first-time customers and clients.  However you feel it is appropriate, you likely have additional products and services which may benefit your current customer/client base; and you need to make these people aware of your additional offerings should the additional products and services be relevant and helpful.
  3. Having your happy customer base give you a referral to those who are qualified to do business with you. The referral either would take place in the real world or the digital/online world.

Online Press Release Services Can Help You With All 3

Using an intelligent online press release distribution service, along with marketing your release in other ways, can benefit your business in all 3 mentioned ways.  Here are just some of the ways:

Press Releases To Reach Brand New, First-Time Customers/Clients

A press release can help your business reach brand new, first-time customers and clients passively in these ways:

  • The online press release distribution and syndication service can get your release “picked up” automatically on certain online news properties.  Depending on how “newsworthy” your release is, you also may get additional mentions with links back to your website.  All of this could direct first-time visitors who visit those websites back to your site
  • The links on the pages where you get exposure around the internet can help you with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.  This depends on many factors so please contact us if you are not sure how to structure this properly
  • The press release itself can rank near the top of the search engines, especially for local keyword phrases

Press Releases To Make Your Current Customers And Clients Aware Of Your Additional Products And Services

When you have something “newsworthy”, such as adding a new service offering, it may warrant the use of a press release.  You then can take the primary link where the press release resides and make your current customers and clients aware the newsworthy event by:

  • posting it on an appropriate spot on your website (blog, media page, etc.)
  • sharing it on your appropriate social media channels
  • sharing it via your e-mail newsletter
  • handing out copies of it in press kits, at trade shows, etc.

Press Releases To Get Referrals

By sharing your press release through your current customer/client contact outlets you also can include some sort of “call to action”.  This would be a request to have your customers and clients send out the release to their friends and social media followers.  The latter includes mentions on relevant forums as well.  You can build in some sort of incentive if appropriate; or you simply can ask them to share the news with people they know.

Enhancing Your Business’ Exposure

Unlike traditional press releases in the past, you now can embed multimedia in your internet press release marketing efforts.  For example, you now can include:

  • your logo
  • embedding of a YouTube video
  • embedding of an infographic

Depending on the level of distribution you want, and how “newsworthy” your release’s content is, you now can get extra online exposure through:

  • targeting specific geographic media regions
  • targeting specific industry categories
  • getting extra exposure to journalists in your area
  • reaching additional social media outlets which, in turn, can spread your news much further

There also are niche-specific press release distribution outlets.  Please contact us if you are not yet aware of those specific news distribution services for your niche.

What Is Deemed “Newsworthy” Enough For A Press Release?

For any small business which is not publicly-traded, there are still over 25 occurrences which happen again and again which COULD be deemed worthy enough to warrant an online press release.  Obvious ones include a new product or service, a new company location, and similar happenings.  There are other ones which are not so obvious, so please contact us for help on this topic.

Next Steps

If you have not maximized the results from your previous online press release efforts (such as link building to those web pages where the release was picked up for SEO purposes), or if you have never distributed an online press release for your company, then you are welcome to contact us.  We can help you get more out of your company’s newsworthy happenings in order to grow your business.

Going back to the three primary ways to grow your business, please contact us if you have only used press releases for one method but not the other two.  We can help you blend your online video marketing, social media, SEO and general online presence by using press releases in new ways.