PPC And AdWords Consulting

If you have, or have considered using, Google AdWords or other pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to promote your business then there are several issues to consider:

  • Where are your prospects most likely spending time?  Is it on a particular search engine, an industry or regional forum, LinkedIn, or somewhere else?
  • What is your total maximum amount you wish to spend per month, or are you willing to pay an unlimited amount as long as you are getting a return on your ad spend?
  • What message is suited best for your audience?  Will they respond to text ads, image ads (aka “banner advertising”), video ads, or something else?
  • What is your offer to first-time prospects?
  • Do you plan on using retargeting?  If so, have you changed your website’s privacy policy to factor in retargeting pay per click advertising?
  • What tracking elements are you including to determine if the cost per new customer acquisition is worth continuing that type of advertising?
  • Do you have online landing pages?
  • Which keywords and/or “match types” have been targeted, or are running demographic (and geographic) advertising?
  • Many other questions need to be addressed

A typical business owner doing PPC advertising on his/her own may be overspending on the cost-per-click (CPC).  Sometimes this can be as high as 40% more than it needs to be, so be sure that you speak with someone you trust to help you either:

  1. Get more targeted clicks for the same amount of money
  2. Spend less money for the same amount of targeted clicks

If you need help with this then you are welcome to contact us for help with your specific situation.