Print Advertising Ideas – Use The Ads Online

If you have ever once created an advertisement for your business and had it displayed in a print publication (e.g. magazine, newspaper, event program) then chances are that you are interested in what else you can do with the artwork. Since you invested time and money in the ad, you at least should be able to have some extra strategies to leverage the current content!

Here are 6 simple strategies in this video which takes less than 10 minutes to watch:

If you want any help with the keyword research, any of the 6 ideas for your print ads, or other online marketing help then feel free to contact me through the Contact form on this page. In addition, if you found this video to be helpful then you are welcome to share it with any of your social networks or friends & colleagues.

Thank you for watching the video, and I hope that you are now able to get more value from your previous and future print ads.