Dallas Event Online Marketing

When talking with business owners and decision makers after the completion of Chamber of Commerce meetings, networking groups, and other Dallas area networking events, I notice that many of these people express frustration with not being able to get the word out about their open-to-the-public events.  Whether it is an annual event at a retail store, a golf tournament, a charitable event, a workshop, a small conference, or any other event open to the public these business owners seem completely at a loss as to advertising their events outside of the newspaper.

The beauty of today’s technology is that these decision makers now can post their events on various internet sites which will give the event more exposure AND syndication to more people who may be qualified.  There are several categories of sites designed to help increase attendance at these local events which are open to the general public.  For example, if a Dallas-area retail store wanted to get more people to its annual fall sale then it could:

  • promote the event via free and paid press release distribution services
  • promote the event on the online event calendar sites, which send the upcoming events to people’s e-mail addresses who have subscribed to receive these notices
  • promote the event on local review sites
  • promote the event on local classified ad sites which allow for event listings
  • promote the event on Dallas-specific sites which syndicate the content such as the event calendar on Dallas.com
  • promote the event on the business’ specific social media properties like Facebook and Twitter

There is an art to this process, especially if you are looking to “tag” your content with keywords which get large amounts of demand.  Several Dallas-specific keyword phrases relating to activities, events, and entertainment get thousands of searches each month; and it would be helpful to put your content in front of those searchers as well.  You can do this by promoting the event and/or your profile page on event sites  by using these high-demand keywords.

Should you need help with any Dallas-Fort Worth online marketing for your event, or events in any other area in the U.S., then please contact me to discuss how I can help.