How To Appear On Page One – It Is More Than Just SEO

I have met many business owners who express a desire to learn how to appear on page one of the search engines.  When I ask some more pointed questions, they usually stop and think for a while because the questions force them to evaluate their goals.

For example, I ask them if they have done advanced keyword research.  This would include category keywords, derivations of these terms, synonyms/prepositions/plural and other grammatical modifications, etc.  I then ask if they have done keyword research for buying phrases or other terms which indicate urgency or a need to purchase right away.

The business owners usually stop for a few moments and then ask more questions.  The business owners and company executives who are willing to be humbled early are the ones who are going to be successful.  By admitting that they are not on top of every keyword phrase alternative and derivation, these decision makers give themselves the chance to let the marketplace tell them what phrases people are entering as well as what sites are getting rewarded by the search engines currently.

In addition to getting the coveted # 1 spot for a buying keyword phrase on Google, there are many other places where a company can appear on page one of the search engines.  Using Google as the example, a company can:

  • get its content, posted on a third-party site like an article directory or Web 2.o site like, ranked on the first page
  • appear on the Maps listings with the keywords emphasized
  • appear on the “updates” feature (currently found on the sidebar of a Google results page) which updates with content from sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • have a video, press release, or other social media content appear on the main results for the keyword
  • buy traffic through the AdWords pay-per-click service
  • have a physical product (or book) sold through a third-party site appear on the first page of results in Google

These are just some of the ways in which a business can get on page one without having to have his/her website rank for one of the top spots in the “organic” listings on the left-hand side.  Keep this in mind as you construct your content for the appropriate sites and/or as you optimize your own website or blog.

Should you need some help with making a worthwhile effort to appear on page one for terms which have demand (and indicate possible buyers) then you are welcome to contact me by clicking the contact link near the top of the page.