Internet Marketing Resources – Traffic Rankings And Demographics

If you are looking for free internet marketing resources which allow you to see estimated traffic rankings, demographics, and competition information then be sure to visit any of the following resources:

Internet Marketing Resources – How To Choose The Best Ones For You

Many times I am asked by people how to choose the best internet marketing resources.  I always guide them to choose resources (usually training courses or marketing software) which is best for their specific situations.

If you choose the wrong training courses and/or software for your specific situation then you risk the following:

  • wasting your money
  • wasting your time
  • (even worse) letting the training course confuse you or take you down the wrong path
  • training you to do something detrimental to your business, even though the technique(s) recommended may be right for dozens of other businesses

I attempted to answer a question about the products and software marketed by internet marketing “gurus” on this question on LinkedIn:

Always remember to choose those training courses, internet marketing resources, software, and other internet marketing help which will either:

  • help you clarify or quantify which types of internet sites your ideal prospect trusts
  • help you play to your strengths once you define the philosophy and strategies

Should you need any help defining your online marketing philosophy and strategies then you are welcome to contact me.  You also can start your search for basic internet marketing resources by clicking the link.