Get The Most Out Of Your Dallas Internet Marketing Firm

If you live in any top U.S. city, such as Dallas, and you are considering hiring an internet marketing firm here are some helpful tips to make sure that you get the most out of your expenditure:

  • Make sure that the firm gives you a complete keyword research AND competition analysis breakdown of your industry.  This also includes on-page optimization factors from those currently on the top of the search engine rankings, number of inbound links to those competitors, how many searches per month the keyword phrases are entered, and the quality of the inbound links to your competition
  • Make sure that the Dallas internet marketing firm (or any other serious firm) gives you an estimated cost-per-click comparison.  This helps you to determine if it is cheaper to use a service like Google AdWords for a particular keyword phrase, or if it is better to pursue a SEO strategy for a particular phrase
  • Ask the firm if it follows a “promote the promoter” philosophy.  Not only should the firm create links on other authority sites linking back to your main website with the appropriate keyword(s), but they also should be creating links to the original links.  “Promoting the promoters” will make you look like a good member of the community in the eyes of Google, and it should help you improve your overall quality traffic
  • The firm always should customize a strategy based on your specific industry, geographic area (if necessary), and work with you to “get inside the head” of your ideal prospects from many different approaches.  These could include pain-removal benefits which your business offers all the way to what is entertaining for your future customers/clients

There are other factors which come into play in choosing a reputable internet marketing firm; and these four factors should be toward the top of your list to help you grow your business.

If you wish to discuss any of these then you are welcome to use the contact form on this site.  Thank you.