Social Media Seminar / Workshop In McKinney TX On October 11 2012

Which Social Media Properties Will Give My Business A Solid Return On Investment?

If you are a business executive or owner in the DFW area then you may have asked yourself that question!  You already may have spent lots of time and money to learn and implement social media strategies which just didn’t produce any discernible return on your investment.  If so, you simply may have been instructed to start a social media campaign which simply:

  • is not a good match for your industry category, or
  • is not suited to match your specific budget, time, and personality/business culture needs

You are welcome to attend a no-cost workshop/seminar in McKinney Texas on October 11, 2012 held on the first floor conference room of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce (southbound side of Highway 75, aka Central Expressway).  It will start at 7:30 am and go until roughly 9:00 am and it is no charge to attend.  As with my previous seminars and workshops, you will not be subject to any “hard sell” or “forced up-sell” like you get at other seminars; but I can’t stand that garbage when I attend seminars so I won’t subject you to it either!

You do not have to live or work in McKinney, nor do you have to be a McKinney Chamber member to attend.  The main presenter is renting the room, as it is a good environment for such seminars as I have presented in that room last year.

First come, first serve on the registration.  You may register here:

Feel free to share this with post (or the link) with your friends and colleagues.  I hope to offer you solid information which you can use to:

  • narrow your focus on the categories of social media (there are over 40!) which meet YOUR specific needs
  • increase the odds of learning specific strategies withing those types of social media to help you gain new customers or clients
  • give you ideas on which consultants to seek after you know which social media properties are right for your business

Thank you for your time and interest, and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday October 11 at 7:30 am in McKinney.