What To Do After Your Online Video Has Been Produced

One of the questions I have received recently in the post-Google update environment (called the “Penguin” and “Panda” updates) is how to get more traffic to a client’s online videos after they have been produced.  Many business owners mistakenly think that their video can go “viral” much like the entertainment videos they see on YouTube like those of animals, babies, sports, and other non-business-related videos which get shared in high volume.

The first thing to consider is that you will need to have realistic expectations.  A simple slide show video, or even a well-produced corporate video from a Dallas video production company, is likely to never reach tens of thousands of legitimate views on a site like YouTube.  What you will want to achieve is the realistic goal of reaching 50-100 qualified prospects (either local or national) per month once the marketing process starts.

Should you use a video-sharing site like YouTube, instead of hosting the video on your website with a service like Amazon S3 or a similar one, then there are several ways to get your video in front of potential customers/clients.  Here are just some of the ways:

  • Optimize the video (and your YouTube) channel for the keywords you research which are likely to be entered (aka “queried”) by your first-time prospective customers
    • This will help you to rank within YouTube for the desired phrases
    • This will help you to begin to rank in Google for the same keyword phrases simultaneously
  • The link to your video can be sent to your current e-mail lists with the request for your audience to share the video or endorse it on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
    • This is because your e-mail and social media list members likely have peers, friends, family and others they know who could be potential customers as well
  • Use paid advertising WITHIN YouTube to have your video appear on relevant searches AND competitors’ videos
    • This is a little-known tactic which can help you get a quality video in front of people who otherwise would not know that you exist
  • If you are introducing a new product, service or concept to the marketplace then consider embedding your video inside a paid press release distribution service
    • You can target specific industries and/or geographic regions as part of this paid distribution service
    • Your video will get exposure online to people who may be looking for one thing, but if they see your announcement + video then they may be convinced to contact you for the better alternative
  • You can embed your YouTube videos inside LinkedIn company product pages
    • This is terrific for B2B and other searches done within LinkedIn
    • It also helps with the search engine optimization for your videos
  • RSS syndication of the videos on your YouTube channel so that they get embedded on relevant websites which you do not even know exist
  • Many other methods of video marketing distribution to reach first-time prospects who have never heard of you personally, your business or your brands

Obviously all of this deals with the method of video exposure and distribution.  It also assumes that you have quality content to share which is NOT merely a sales pitch.   By “quality” I mean any of the following (this is NOT an inclusive list) which add “value” to the experience of the visitor:

  • Educating people on how to do something
  • Entertaining them and/or intriguing the viewers to the point where they simply must click through to your website or call you
  • Proving that you are an authority on a subject (e.g. a recording of you presenting at a seminar or conference)
  • Testimonial videos
  • Using animation or other videos to give reassurance and possible solutions to  high-emotion topics (e.g. financial problems, family matters and the like)
  • Proving or disproving an urban myth pervasive in your industry
  • Slide show video showing a step-by-step process of what a customer may experience at his/her home or office (e.g. a driveway repair project)
  • Etc.

Knowing how to distribute your video intelligently can give you a competitive edge, especially in a region like the Dallas Fort Worth area.  For example, let’s say that you have a terrific new service which can be fulfilled in all 200+ towns which comprise the DFW region (all counties).  The problem is that your business is based in a city other than Dallas or Fort Worth, so you may believe that you are at a disadvantage due to the competition (in the physical world) coming out of those two cities.  You could be based in Denton, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Arlington or any of the other larger DFW cities which also may have steep competition for what you are selling.

By using a combination of intelligent video marketing, you can grow your business in the larger cities and towns without having to be located specifically in that area.

Feel free to contact us with your questions about your specific situation and how we nay be able to help you.