Dallas SEM Is More Than SEO And Pay-Per-Click

Many Dallas business owners and executives are familiar with SEO which stands for “search engine optimization.”  The acronym “SEM” stands for “search engine marketing.”  Most people who explain the difference between “Dallas SEO” and “Dallas SEM” usually explain it this way:

  • Dallas SEM means placement on the search engine, whether it is organic (SEO) placement or paid marketing, such as on Google’s AdWords system

Their rationale is that the average person will not spend much time on the search engine, and that the person will click on the link which is most eye-catching, either based on rank or by the wording in the link title.  Until recently, this definition of SEM was relatively sufficient.
In recent months, however, Dallas SEM requires more from the marketer.  It also gives the business owner or executive more chances to get listed on the first page.  For example, Google has many other ways for a business to get on the first page besides traditional SEO and pay-per-click:

  • Maps listings
  • Being a part of any Dallas page on the local business directories.  You will be “lumped together” with your competition, but there are some fun ways to make your listing stand out on each of those pages!
  • News results, especially if you do a press release on your keyword
  • Thumbnails of your video which has the keyword in the title and tags.  This is not an exact science, but when it happens your thumbnail image stands out on the main search engine results page (SERP)… even if your video thumbnail is ranked at the bottom of the page!
  • Shopping results.  Physical products based on Dallas-related keywords, and sold on third-party sites, may appear on the search engine results page

There are other ways to get possible first-page results for your keywords.  Just make sure that you follow all ethical marketing practices and offer content which is authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy.

Hopefully any professional you hire or contract to help you increase traffic to your website will explain this to you.  It will open your eyes to additional marketing possibilities; and this knowledge will help you play to your strengths to best promote your business.