Plano SEO Tips

If you operate business in Plano, Texas then chances are that you would enjoy quality search engine optimization (SEO) placement on the major search engines.  The algorithms for local based terms, such as “Plano restaurants”, require some additional internet marketing techniques than just what you would use for generic/nationwide keyword phrases.

In addition to getting listed on the Plano-specific pages of nationwide business directories (e.g.,, etc.), you can do a few other things:

  • Get listed on Plano-specific sites such as  Always make sure that the site is getting listed in top Plano-specific searches.  Test out various Plano-specific searches which are generic, and note the Plano-specific websites which keep appearing.  Determine if you can get a free listing, post content, join a forum, or any other opportunity for you to place a link to your web property plus other information
  • If you like Pay-Per-Click advertising, take a look at Plano-specific sites.  Sometimes the site has a section of the site promoting advertisers through “Sponsored Links.”  You may be able to place your pay-per-click ad on the site through the advertising service which the site uses.  An example would be the Content Network of the Google AdWords service, although this is not the only option
  • If sites like the Plano Convention and Visitors Bureau ( or other sites offer advertising or a link if you are relevant business then consider the option.  This is because the site has good rankings in the search engines as it is considered to be an “authority” site by the search engines

In addition, you can use Plano-specific keywords for typical SEO efforts.  Such techniques could include:

  • Article directory marketing
  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • Press releases

If you need any guidance on Plano SEO, or other internet marketing assistance, then you are invited to contact us for more information.