Some Unique Plano SEO And SEM Tips

If you are attempting to get more free online exposure for a Plano Texas business then there are some unique and fun things you may consider doing.  These tips are not mandatory, but they can be helpful to your prospective customers when they are online:

  1. If you attend Chamber of Commerce meetings (or other networking meetings in Plano) where you get a few seconds to speak about your business, then consider filming/recording your talk.  Of course, be sure to get permission!  If you are charismatic and offer good information to other business owners then such a video clip could be helpful on your website or on a video-sharing site like YouTube.  What you are looking to accomplish is to show “social proof” – that other people, like the website visitor, find you to be the authority on the subject
  2. If people have difficulty finding your office or store location then consider creating a video while driving to your location.  You also may be able to record a screen capture video of your zooming in on one of the Plano-related online Maps listings, especially if you can get to the “street view” so that people see recognizable landmarks when they drive to your location.  Such a video can be placed on your website and/or on a video-sharing site
  3. Be sure to add a “tag” to your video content with a zip code.  Many people look for local information by geographic terms; and they often use zip codes.  For example, if your business is a dry cleaners with a storefront in the 75075 zip code of Plano Texas, then be sure to add a “tag” to any videos you produce with “dry cleaners 75075”.  This will help your visitors find you and stand out in future local search algorithms

The “tags” also apply to other content besides video.

Hopefully these tips offer you some extra thoughts on how to market your business; and hopefully they will help you come up with other creative ways to offer useful, helpful, relevant content for those looking for your local products or services.

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